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Pouches for wildlife & storm relief aid

We are so blessed to be able to help those in need, even the four-legged kind!

Bayside Community Emergency Relief undertook 2 trips t the storm ravaged Dandenongs to deliver much needed requested aid that was donated through our amazing community.

The 1st delivery was human aid which comprised of urgent requested items that others were not donating or not donating enough of. These went to the Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Services to distribute to effected families.

Thanks to our amazing group of volunteers, we delivered much-needed pouches for wildlife impacted by the Dandenong Ranges storms in the 2nd delivery.

Pouches were delivered to the following wildlife shelters: Amaroo Wildlife Shelter, Wildpaws, Emerald Monbulk Wildlife Sanctuary and to foster carers of those shelters who have taken in the animals.

Thank you so, so much to our community who once more rallied to help when & where help was needed. All items that went up were urgently requested & will not go to waste.

Thank you so much to BCER's Louise for delivering these items!

Here are some adorable photos of wildlife modelling their new pouches. Enjoy!

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