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Cann River Relief Efforts

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Cann River & surrounds 2020 Bushfire survivors needed our help and we delivered!

Approx 150 families who lost their houses during the 2020 bushfires and who receive little to no assistance needed winter clothing and food etc. There were 194 families but many have been forced to leave the region out of desperation.

Families are living in caravans & have limited storage space. They are 1 hr+ from the nearest shops & 2 hrs+ from the nearest supermarket.

Neighborhood Watch 3193 did a sensational job of filling donated shipping containers for the families early 2021 and we took over the mantle to help once again with essential goods for the colder months.

On June 18 we sent 152 boxes to Cann River & and surrounds who have gone from bushfires to floods. Some items were also forwarded to Traralgon & Sale effected by recent floods.

Thank you to everyone who donated. What a sensational effort!! Special thanks to Jon Cook, David Lounds & Malcolm & Beth Tinkler for loading up the truck. Massive thanks to the Tinkler family for driving the truck to Cann River & back in 1 day !

Hundreds of people, many in isolated rural areas are benefitting for this large donation. Our community should once more be proud.

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