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Aged Care Covid Response

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

In October, Bayside Community Emergency Relief donated 538 covid comfort packs to residents of not-for-profit aged care centres.

These went to:

- Vasey RSL Care, Brighton

- Vasey RSL Care, East Brighton

- Mecwacare, Beaumaris

- Mecwacare, Sandringham

- The Mayflower Group, Sandringham

- Fairway Hostel, Sangringham

- Mercy Place Fernhill, Sandringham

Comfort pack contents included a variety of items, including hand knitted beanies, lap throws, hand-made cards with supportive messages, hand cream, large print word books, pens and soap.

We would like to thank our supporters, without whom this initiative would not have been possible. Big shout out to:

- Our Kitchen Table, for your tireless knitting efforts

- Bayside City Council

- Highett Community Bank Branch, Bendigo Bank

- Boxes & Bows, for your lovely scarves

And of course our sensational volunteers who helped to individually wrap soaps, place stickers onto bags, knit beanies, iron on labels and assemble 538 covid comfort packs!

Thank You to The Local Framing Studio for framing this for us!

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