As a young child Deb was involved with charity work helping her Mum with Meals On Wheels and other causes. Her charity work continued on aiding numerous charities over the decades when needed. 

Deb has a management background, largely in marketing (pre children), but is now self employed. Over a decade ago she founded/co-founded the large, long term information and support groups : Special Needs Adoption Australia, Adoption Australia and Singles Adoption Australia, among others. 

Knowing how well-meaning people tend to donate items that are not needed or cannot be used in an emergency situation, and also that many people want to help but don't know where or how, she devised a model that mobilises and educates the community while helping those in need, as organised and fast as possible. 




Louise’s enthusiasm for hands-on volunteering within the local community was instilled during high school where she was heavily involved in the school St Vincent de Paul society coordinating student fundraising and donations and was a regular volunteer at Sacred Heart Mission serving meals to the homeless. After graduating year 12 her focus turned to helping those in need of the four-legged variety, and over the past 15 years Louise has continued her passion for the get-your-hands-dirty type charity work in the animal rescue space where she has volunteered for organisations including Oscar’s Law, Wildlife Victoria as well as smaller rescue groups and networks.Louise is the Melbourne Coordinator for ARC (Animal Rescue Cooperative) and runs their major hub located in Clayton South. 

In her spare time outside of work in the water/civil engineering industry, Louise’s ultimate love is for Australia’s native flying foxes of which two of the four species found on the mainland are listed as endangered species, and as a vaccinated and trained wildlife carer her volunteer work is focused on rescue and advocacy for these much maligned but critically important (not to mention adorable and amazing!) animals.



Board Member

Swadha has always been passionate about helping others.

Professionally, she has extensive experience in real estate, having worked for companies in the Fortune 500, ASX 200 and a sustainable developer that was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2018 (the Oscars of architecture). She also specialises in online retail, having founded one of India's first online apparel retail companies and currently heads Bewitched Crystals and Candles in Australia.

Swadha has a Bachelors degree in Mass Media, a Masters in Business Administration and Graduate Certificate in Property Development.

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Board Member

Vesna’s interest in helping others in times of tragedy and emergency has drawn her to BCER as a board member.  


For over 10 years as a current committee member, & previous positions of Secretary and Treasurer for Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF), she brings experience of working within a Not for profit organisation.  Her interest also extends to becoming proactive in using sustainable & eco-conscious practices and is a collection point for Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs charity. 


Vesna previously held a career in various fields as an Executive Assistant but these days is running her own domestic services business within the Southern suburbs of Melbourne. 




Mark came back to Australia after more than two decades abroad and was heartbroken to see the devastation of the bushfires on our wildlife. He felt compelled to raise money to save the koalas, one of his favourite animals. When he later found out about BCER, appreciating the value of "many hands make light work," he jumped at the opportunity to join. Mark has been on the  boards of several charities  both  internationally and in Australia.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics with Honours, a Masters of Busines Law, an MBA and a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Management & Leadership).

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