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Helping those in hardship and tragedy with relief and aid

Bayside Community Emergency Relief is a 100% volunteer-run, community-driven charity, formed by the community for the community. Our mission is to empower people experiencing hardship and tragedy by mobilising the community to help provide requested emergency aid supplies when a (usually larger scale) disaster arises.


From a simple idea on New Years Eve 2019, a Facebook group was launched on New Years Day 2020. It was amazing to see how incredibly fast the Bayside community united and swung into action donating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of requested items for the January 2020 bushfire crisis.
It was extremely humbling to see scores of people pitching in and witnessing the many ongoing convoys heading into fire-ravaged regions around Victoria. We managed to help not just people but for wildlife shelters in distress too, as animals were a massive casualty of the bushfires.
Post bushfire season, the aim was to hand the model over so other communities could do the same. The group's model has been replicated by other short term groups with varying amounts of success.
However, after encouragement from many areas, Bayside Community Emergency Relief became an incorporated association with full charity status. This provides our community with the ongoing opportunity to continue to come together long term in an organised manner in times of emergency, not just Bayside wide but statewide.
Thank you to everyone for your amazing contribution during the bushfire crisis, through covid and beyond. We ask that you encourage people to spread the word so that we can make our communities contribution in times of emergencies even greater in the future.
We post donation callouts of specifically required goods on our Facebook group and hold community events and packing sessions where our incredible volunteer army  make new connections while helping those in need.



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